Fri 13 Mar 2020: it begins

Yesterday my employer told everyone to start working from home if we could. I’m not looking forward to it. I’m less productive (plenty of distractions at home) but also I will have less interaction with people and won’t be forced to get exercise by walking to the station etc. If I’m going to work at home long term instead of just for an occasional day like I’ve done in the past I need some better equipment, so ordered a monster huge monitor (to be delivered on Sunday) and went to Ikea to get a more comfortable office chair. Ikea is ghastly, the shop layout is so hostile, clearly designed by a psychopath.

I’m not worried for my own health. Even though I have a chronic health condition (high blood pressure) it is well under control via the miracles of modern pharmacology, and I’m only in my mid 40s. But I am worried about my parents. They’re both in their 70s and both have had heart troubles, and Mum has lung troubles too. If I’m to visit them at all during this epidemic I need to stay infection free. I’m not going to be a monk about it, but I am going to stay more alone than normal and avoid public transport unless essential.

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