Mon 16 Mar 2020: networks creaking at the seams

The morning video conference that has replaced my team’s daily standup was a bit stuttery. Residential ISPs’ networks are optimised for video streaming from CDNs, gaming, and social media. Business traffic has a very difference profile, especially given that a lot of it will be encrypted over VPNs so not amenable to inspection and routing optimisation. And business ISPs’ networks aren’t really optimised for dealing with large amounts of traffic going to/from residential networks. On previous occasions when I’ve done the odd day here and there of working at home it’s not been a problem, but now that more people are doing so we’re going to see more network degradation.

As expected I was less productive than normal before lunch. But now I’ve gone to the Lion for a pint. A brisk one mile walk in the sunshine has made me feel a bit more chipper. Traffic on the streets seems fairly normal although perhaps a few more parcel delivery drivers around. Of course, I might just be noticing them more.