Tue 17 Mar 2020: stubborn parents

I’m getting a bit more used to this working at home thing. At lunch time I made sure to go for a walk again, this time two and a bit miles in a different direction from yesterday. Yesterday I emailed my sister with my concerns about our Agèd Ps. She had already spoken to them and the silly sods were still gung-ho about theatre visits and so on. Thankfully, by the time I phoned them this evening, the theatres had made their minds up and closed for a month. I told Mum what the official advice was, in particular that it was about *physical* distancing from others, avoiding busy places and stuff like public transport, and she seemed to get the message. I’m going to make sure that I phone them more often than normal partly because they’ll need the social contact, partly because I do too with my newly enforced lifestyle, but also to make sure that the message sticks! Their regular butcher has offered to do home delivery which was nice of him, and I’ve offered to do the rest of their shopping. She didn’t actually take me up on it, but hopefully they will with enough reminders.