Wed 18 Mar 2020: volunteering

Well, my resolve to be a good little home-worker and make sure I actually left the house every day has cracked. The only daylight I saw was when I went to answer the door when a parcel was delivered.

Bad Plague Journalist. Naughty. Must try harder tomorrow.

Lots of well-meaning people are trying to organise “mutual aid” groups. Trouble is they’re full of the sort of people who are ever so earnest and nice, but not the sort who are good at organising anything. The one I’ve found locally has chosen poor tools – mostly WhatsApp and Google Sheets – and so is full of people asking the same questions over and over about how they can help, and if there’s been any actual tasks mentioned that need doing then I couldn’t see them. About the only task I saw was promoting the group.

Then I saw that my local MP – Steve Reed – was soliciting volunteers. As much as I dislike his politics and dislike many of his party’s members even more, they are at least very used to organising and mobilising people to get out there and do stuff – delivering leaflets, campaigning and canvassing for votes and so on – and they are “plugged in” to local volunteer groups and so on. Proper volunteer groups, not just suddenly-earnest do-gooders. So I’ve filled in his volunteer form, offering to shuffle goods back and forth in my car.