Thu 19 Mar 2020: cricket season postponed

This morning I got up earlier to go for a walk before starting work. I had no intention of going in but as I passed Tesco I noticed mammoth queues inside. What are these people buying? They are presumably not eating more than normal, and anecdotally fresh veggies and bread are flying off the shelves, so it seems to me that a lot of it is just going to go to waste as it rots before people can eat it. Surely people don’t have that much freezer space? The cake shop near the station tempted me in and I panic-bought some gingerbread men – surely not having gingerbread men is grounds for panicking?

A productive morning later and I again went for a walk around lunch time, again in a different direction to earlier in the week. I’ve almost run out of cream for my coffee, so popped into Co-op on Green Lane. The dairy section was practically empty and I ended up with the vastly inferior Elmlea. I might be able to stomach it for a bit, but if not I’ll just have to get up at oh-dark-thirty one day to beat the ravening hordes. Co-op’s veggie section was practically empty too, but Presidential Foods, an independent grocer a few doors down, had at least some stuff. People can’t be that desperate if they’re only emptying the more salubrious shops, which makes me wonder, again, why they’re doing it at all.

Back to work for the afternoon and again, got quite a bit done.

Alas, although not unexpectedly, the ECB has postponed the cricket season. I took up umpiring last summer and was looking forward to my second season. I hope that at least some cricket is possible this year. And the rugby seasons – both union and league – have also been postponed. There’s not much league available to watch online, but in union the league puts full match footage on their website after broadcast, so I might have to watch older matches to get my fix. And the US Major League Rugby competition seems to have not stopped yet, and they put their matches on Youtube.

I normally listen to podcasts on my journeys to and from work. An hour each way, and listening at 1.5 x normal speed means that in normal times I consume about 3 hours of content a day, which is enough to keep on top of new episodes of all the podcasts I listen to, as well as working my way through lecture series that I download. But without the commute I’m building up a backlog. Need to make more time in the day for that.