Sat 21 Mar 2020: smiting Nazis via video-conference

Today was my monthly RPG session. Normally we gather in Cambridge, it being a convenient place where three of the group live, with three of us travelling and one remote using Google Hangouts. Today, with one of us being sick (not with the plague) and the rest of us being responsible adults we decided to have a go at being all remote. It worked! To my surprise, seven people video conferencing over residential interweb was fairly reliable. Video got a bit blocky especially when people were moving around a lot, one person’s connection cut out a few times, and there were the usual conference call problems of people talking over each other, but with a bit of self-discipline it was … adequate.

The session was a lot shorter than normal, about 3½ hours instead of the normal 5-ish, as we spent a lot less time on anecdotes that were only vaguely related to the game. I do not approve of this sort of efficiency. The social side of playing is just as important as the game itself. Also, our host is a good cook who is working on a soup cookbook, and we have yet to figure out how to deliver soup over IP so missed out on his excellent lunch.

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