Sun 22 Mar 2020: stubborn parents (again)

Good news, it appears that the hoarders are giving up. I went out to get a few things from the local independent shops – which have never had any “supply issues” – and noticed as I walked past that Tesco looked pretty normal. So I went in to pick up a few other things. the shelves weren’t as full as normal, but nothing I wanted was sold out except fresh coriander.

One of my cousins, who is a doctor currently suffering from plague, contacted me to say she was concerned about my mother keeping a scheduled hospital appointment at the end of next week, and asked me to try to dissuade her. I at least got her to promise to talk to the heart nurse who has been visiting her regularly and to Cousin Doctor Emma, and I’ll badger her later in the week.

Another cousin lost her husband a couple of weeks back. I was planning on going to the funeral next week in Stockport, but that has been cut back to just the most immediate family, with a memorial service hopefully in the autumn for the wider family and friends.