Wed 25 Mar 2020: first call for volunteers

My mother has seen sense and cancelled her hospital appointment in London, so won’t be travelling for hours on public transport. As my cousin the doctor pointed out, her appointment was important, but not urgent, and so could be put off for a bit.

I mentioned a few days ago signing up on a list of volunteers that my local MP was putting together. I’ve not heard anything back, but there has apparently been a vast number of people come forward so I’m not really surprised. I also signed up with a local church. They’re one of those weird happy-clappy Pentecostalist places, normally I wouldn’t have anything to do with them, but right now I can put aside my deep distaste for their liturgical practices and their uncritical theology. Anyway, they’ve been running a food bank for ages and are well known in the local community for it. Their food bank is high quality with fresh ingredients, not just distributing tins of rubbish. They put out a call for more people to do deliveries for them as people might not be able to go to their premises, and also to do things like picking up prescriptions. This afternoon I got the first requests come through for workers, on their Whatsapp group. I was working at the time and didn’t respond to my phone buzzing at me for a bit, and by the time I did other people had already stepped up. That’s fine by me, if other people can be more flexible than me about their availability I’m still there to pick up the slack when they can’t.

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