Thu 26 Mar 2020: toasted buns and an apocalypse

Last night I watched the excellent Threads. It’s a great film, nicely apocalyptic, and in its utter horribleness serves to remind us that things could be so much worse.

I got another request through from the foodbank for people to do deliveries. This time it came during a pause in my normal work, so I answered to say that yes, I could do one. They generally deliver in the early afternoon so I took a late lunch break to go up the road to their church, pick up my package, and deliver it to a nearby house. They’d had so much stuff donated that morning from local shops that there was more than they could cope with, so us volunteers got some unseasonably early hot cross buns for ourselves, which I toasted when I got home.

I’m also beginning to put a dent in the backlog of TV documentaries that I’ve not watched and in the evenings am working through the BBC’s Civilisations. I think once I’ve finished that I’ll re-visit the original.

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