Sat 28 Mar 2020: booze, ballet, and opera

Instead of my usual Saturday jaunt to rugby or the theatre, I was waiting at home for a wine delivery. Normally I’d schedule those for during the week and work a single day at home to take delivery, but people have been panic-buying even booze, it seems, (not me, I ordered because I had run out of red) and my delivery took nearly ten days to arrive instead of the normal 2 or 3. I got a message yesterday telling me to expect my delivery, hence why I was waiting at home for the delivery instead of, well, sitting around at home not waiting for a delivery.

While waiting I watched the Royal Ballet’s version of Peter and the Wolf. They, like several other theatre companies, have started putting content online, mostly as a hook to get people to sign up for specialist streaming services.

After my boozes had arrived but before I cracked open a bottle, I got a message from the food bank asking for someone with a car to deliver a package to an address about a mile and a half away. Now that I’m back from that I fancy some opera. I’ve written a small script to download the video from Youtube along with subtitles, and will share it once I’m sure it actually works.

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