Mon 30 Mar 2020: shortage of socks

Back to work for another week of onerous commuting between bedroom and lounge. I stayed indoors all day as I was waiting for a grocery delivery from Ocado and also for the dreaded Hermes to arrive to pick up a crappy wireless access point I was returning to Amazon that was “broken as designed”. While Ocado, as usual, both promised and delivered within a one hour time slot, Hermes just said “some time between 8 and 8”.

Chatting with the Ocado delivery driver, it turns out that despite it being basically impossible to book a delivery slot, he’s actually less busy than normal. He still leaves the depot with a full van as normal, but he makes fewer deliveries as the few people who are able to place orders are placing much bigger orders than normal, which means his full van serves fewer customers than normal. I’m sure things will return to relative normality over the coming weeks, just like the idiotic panic buying in the supermarkets appears to have stopped. This unexpected effect, incidentally, explains far more why Tesco are limiting the number of items in an online purchase than do theories about making sure that there’s “enough for everybody”. But anyway, at least I now have essentials like pickled lemons and licquorice allsorts back in stock.

In other shopping news, there appers to have been a run on socks. Many of mine are beginning to get an unreasonable number of holes so I placed an order online for ten pairs at the end of last week, only to get a refund this morning as they could only supply two pairs. Ah well, with all this staying at home it’s not like I need lots of socks anyway. I’ve not worn shoes all day.

Which brings me on to a new problem I’ve discovered with working at home. Lack of shoes meant that I ran over my own toes with the chair I was sitting on at the time. Ouch! Thankfully I didn’t go all the way over and I don’t think I’ve broken anything. It would be rather embarrassing to have to go to A&E because of something like that.

And finally, as promised in the last installment – the script for downloading Operavision content. It does, of course, have all kinds of assumptions about my own preferences baked in, and no documentation, tests, or error checking. For something that is such a trivial wrapper around other utilities I really don’t care about software quality.