Wed 1 Apr 2020: alcohol and drugs

Depending on which source you read, alcohol sales in supermarkets and the like have been up between 20 and 60% over the last couple of weeks. Not entirely surprising considering that we can’t go to the pub any more.

I’ve got through as much wine since retreating to the Plague Bunker as I do in a normal year (about half of it went into cooking, which I’m doing more of as I can’t eat out and am also home for lunch as well as dinner) and am also beginning to make a dent in the spirits collection. The first week saw me finish a bottle of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s 16 yr old cask strength Glenlivet; the second a bottle of their 16 yr old cask strength Nikka from Japan. And this evening I cracked open a bottle of “Classic Cask” 17 yr old bourbon. Distilled in 1985, bottled in 2002, gathered dust until 2020. It’s bloody lovely, and looking it up online it turns out that I could have sold the unopened bottle for a thousand Yankee-dollars. I didn’t pay anything like that for it, probably no more than 50 quid. But considering that I’m also barely touching beer, I’m not actually drinking significantly more than normal, which is good.

I took a well-needed break from a frustrating problem at work by taking a delivery job with the food bank in the afternoon. They wanted someone with a car to pick some drugs up at the pharmacy and deliver them to someone who was staying at home. Looking on the map it was about a 3¾ mile round trip, so I did it on foot and felt much better for it when I got home. I’ve also picked up some cards from the food bank to deliver to people around some of the nearby streets so that they know that the service exists.