Thu 2 Apr 2020: respect the postman

My lunch time stroll today was taken up by delivering cards along three local streets so that people are aware of the food bank – both of the services on offer (not just food parcels, but doing shopping for people in quarantine too), and also that they want more volunteers. I now have much more respect for the local postman.

According to Google Maps, my route was just 1.4 miles, but taking into account all the traipsing up and down paths to front doors it was more like 2.5 according to my pedometer. The distance isn’t the problem – I covered over 150 households in that distance, and without putting much effort in I can easily do 3 miles in an hour for hour after hour after hour, so a postman can too. But modern letter boxes are really bloody annoying. The springs holding them closed are quite stiff and then the draft excluder that is built in to most of them is too, so stuffing a bit of card through them is far fiddlier than I would like it to be, and so putting things through them is slow. Combine that with all the sharp changes of direction, fiddling with the latch on gates and so on, and there’s no way that a postie can do 3mph. I did 2.5 miles in an hour and a quarter.

On the other hand, I think that all the changes of direction instead of just going straight to “cruising speed” for the duration made for better exercise.

Only got yelled at once for delivering what the recipient assumed was junk mail.