Fri 3 Apr 2020: the virtual pub

Thank all the non-existent gods that this plague didn’t happen 20 years ago, for today we have video conferencing!

We had a virtual pub quiz at work. You may remember me talking about running one for people in my neighbourhood a coupla weeks ago, but that didn’t happen because not enough people seemed to be interested. That’s taught me a useful lesson, one that I’ve muttered a lot about in the past but I guess it didn’t sink in. That lesson is that just because people are like you in one respect – such as they live near you – doesn’t mean that you’re going to do anything with them or will even like them. The work pub quiz however – we share more in common than I do with people who just by an accident of geography live near me. It went well. These days our communities are not limited by space, and to a certain degree are not limited by time.

Later in the evening I joined a “Virtual Pub” run by The Whisky Exchange. While it was blatantly a marketing event (sorry Billy if you’re reading this) it was a fantastic marketing event. AAAAA++++++++, would be marketed at again, as people say on Ebay. Billy, the moderator, did a great job of directing chat, it was bloody good fun, I’ll do it again. And the marketing worked too, I’m about to place an order for a bottle that was mentioned several times.