Tue 7 Apr: ghoulish intent

I didn’t write anything yesterday because by the time I had anything worth saying, it was past my bedtime, and if you know me you’ll know that I really need my beauty-sleep.

There was a change from what has been my usual evening Plague Bunker fare of opera and disaster films. I saw this lecture surveying the variety of practices for disposing of the dead mentioned on Twitter. I confess to having started watching it with ghoulish intent, but it was thoroughly wholesome, and Dr Hackner was sufficiently engaging a lecturer right from the start that I was immediately hooked.

I look forward to her posting More Stuff and wish that more of my lecturers when I was on my engineering course so many years ago cared as much about their subject as she evidently does. Someone who cares can make just about any subject interesting. The only one of my lecturers who was excited about his subject specialised in artificial organic polymer structures and 25 years later much of what he talked about is still stuck in my head even though I’ve never used any of what he taught.

But now I’m off to the theatre to see Richard Gadd’s “Baby Reindeer”.

Oh, wait … damnit. Ah well, looks like it’s another night sealed up in the Plague Bunker, with a bottle of whiskey and a good – well, maybe not good … let’s say entertaining instead – book.

3 thoughts on “Tue 7 Apr: ghoulish intent

  1. Huzzah for the PlagueJournalist! I will say this though… whoever designed this WordPress theme does not even accessibility. Speaking as a colourblind, I have absolutely Bob hope of guessing where links in body copy appear without tabbing to them.


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