Wed 8 Apr: culture re-scheduled, or grilled rat?

Hurrah and yippee! Some events which got cancelled are being rescheduled, I just booked a ticket for Sadler’s Wells in November. I figure that if we’re still locked in our Plague Bunkers at that point then everything is sooo screwed that I won’t care about art and will instead spend that evening bartering my last pair of socks (just ask any homeless person the value of a good pair of socks) for a delicious grilled rat.

And I’ve almost finished playing postman for the food bank. One more short street to go then I can give it a rest for a while. So many scrapes on the fingers of my right hand from stuffing flimsy flyers through overly sturdy letter boxes.

There also been some exciting (well, I found it exciting) cricket news, which I have written about else-net.