Sun 12 Apr 2020: back to school

Most of the fun projects that I could think of to work on while I am underemployed would require spending money, and the others are things that I’m already working on sporadically whenever my Muse bops me on the nose with her muse-club. So I’ve also had a look around for Things To Learn. And I’ve found some nice interesting things.

I’m going to take the Missing Semester from MIT. I expect that I know a lot of it already but those sorts of lectures are always good for a few useful unknown gems.

I’ve forgotten almost all my calculus, so I’m going to take 20 weeks worth of lectures in 7 weeks from UC Irvine’s online lectures. I won’t be doing any exercises or anything like that as it’s just revision that appears to cover what I did back in Ye Oldene Times for my A levels.

And I’ve wanted to learn Greek for years, so I’m going to. Although this sounds interesting too.

So if someone asks me in a job interview in the future what I did in the Plague Times I’ve now got my answers.