Wed 15 Apr 2020: first lessons

Since deciding what my curriculum should look like on Sunday, and then slacking off on Monday because it was a public holiday, I have been an … adequate student. I’ve not done my calculus revision, but I have watched lectures from the MIT Missing Semester, and also I found an interesting series from Gresham College on epidemics – very topical. As expected I already knew a lot of what I’ve covered so far from the Missing Semester, but I’ve already picked up a couple of excellent tips which I have written about on my techie blog.

With my Copious Free Time I have also stepped up my volunteering with the food bank. Previously I’ve done food parcel deliveries for them during my lunch break while working at home, as it didn’t take long but still got me out in the sunlight. Today I spent an hour and a half packing food into parcels and phoning the clients to see what they need. On top of the short walk there and back I covered about 1½ miles just walking around the church hall, so it was good exercise as well as ticking my “do something nice for people” box for the day.

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