Sat 18 Apr 2020: the virtual caff (and smiting)

Back at Ye Dawne Ofe Time, when I first got an internet, Usenet was the in thing. There were plenty of well-trafficked groups full of serious discussion, local interest groups, and the especially in the alt.* hierarchy a great deal of silliness. One of those sillinesses around which a great community developed was the wonderfully friendly alt.2eggs.sausage.beans.tomatoes.2toast.largetea.cheerslove. Long-lasting friendships were formed, real-life meetups happened, and I think it was there that two of members who are now married to each other first met. Unfortunately there was A Troll that proved impossible to get rid of, and when new tools for social interaction online came along with better access control most of the long-term members migrated to a Facebook group. Ten years later after most of us left The Troll is apparently still there, yammering away into the ether.

Last night some of us met up in a video conference to have a good old chinwag. It was just like a pub meetup, with the conversation meandering around unrelated topics (we covered hats, bread, architecture in Sheffield, cricket, absent friends, how many shoes is enough shoes, and a Glaswegian pub amongst other topics), and lots of laughter.

And then this afternoon was my monthly Nazi-smiting session. Gosh, has it really been a month that we’ve been in our Plague Bunkers already? I’m quite pleased how the time hasn’t seemed to drag, my strategies for averting boredom have clearly worked well.