Mon 27 Apr 2020: plague of cheese

I ran out of one of the essential food groups a few days ago, and despite me being a frequent, prodigious and inventive sinner the Lord did not see fit to smite me with a plague of cheese. So, my usual cheese pusher being 50-odd miles away, I went to Borough Market this morning, specifically to Neals Yard Dairy’s shop there. In recent years the market has been a right pain in the arse because it’s always absolutely heaving with tourists who apparently don’t know how to walk, preferring to just stand and gawp at the alien concept of a market selling food. Today, however, not only were the roads clear so I could drive there quickly and without wanting to scream at anyone, but also parking was free, there was no-one standing in my way in the market, and while the stalls selling the basics had enough customers to keep their staff busy, there was minimal need to queue. Hurrah!

I acquired many tasty things. Praise Cheeses! And also the Holy Sausage, and our Father the Mushroom. Yes, as was the case years ago when I used to shop at the market relatively often, I came back with far more than I intended to buy.

Educationally, today I was a slacker, but I blame having to go shopping and also the time taken playing three dimensional Tetris to fit things in the fridge and freezer. I only watched one lecture, but in doing so I finished Gresham College’s series on epidemics. Its place in my school timetable will be replaced with their series on great mathematicians and their work, which I expect to be rather more interesting and less repetitious.

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