Tue 19 May 2020: bad news for the market, good news for me

Following up from my previous post about the congestion charge making Borough Market less of a practical place to shop, I have good news! My normal food n cider pusher, Middle Farm down in Sussex, has re-opened! Fuel for the hundred mile round trip costs about the same as the congestion charge would, and the produce is cheaper.

So congratulations to the government and Sadiq Khan, you kept me off the central London roads, but I drove ten times as far, burned twice as many dead dinosaurs, and didn’t spend a single penny at any London businesses.

Normally at this point I’d point out that it’s only cheaper if your time is worthless, like I do every time some cretin tries to be clever and show how cheaply you can fly from Manchester to Liverpool via Zanzibar instead of going by train. But right now, I really do have little else to do with my time.

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