Tue 16 Jun 2020: family at last

In deepest darkest rural Sussex it seems that panic-buying and hoarding razor blades is the latest fashion, and so when he was down to his last blade my father couldn’t buy any more. Rather than have him embrace his inner yeti I bought him some off the internet a coupla days ago, and delivered them today. We are also now allowed to visit other households (I think), so I didn’t just ring the door bell and stand back for a shouted conversation out in the street, I stayed for lunch, and then took Dad out for a short walk. It was the first time I’d seen the Agèd Ps since February.

Spot the village

We drove to the Star at Norman’s Bay and then walked to the site of the abandoned mediæval village of Northeye. If I hadn’t taken note of the co-ordinates before we left and checked using a GPS when we got there you’d be hard-pressed to tell that there was a village. There is some terracing which may be the remains of the evaporation ponds used when the village was (officially) in the salt trade, and some depressions in the ground which might be all that’s left of cellars – but without knowing where we were the terracing could just be agricultural, or raised beaches, and the depressions could be dew ponds. Of course, being a remote coastal location the village would also have unofficially been in the wine trade, as was common for hundreds of years all along the coast.

After taking the old codger back home and having a well-deserved cup of tea I headed off to Brighton to see my little sister and her partner for the first time since March. We got ice creams and sat in the park across the road from their gaff, nattering about everything and nothing for an hour.

I honestly don’t really know precisely what the current regulations are on visits so for all I know I could have doomed humanity by recklessly and selfishly seeing my family. If I have and you, dear reader, are one of the hyper-intelligent insect-people who took over the planet after our demise … you’re welcome.

Finally … did you spot the village in the photo? It’s the very slightly higher land behind and just to the right of the tree.

Mon 15 Jun 2020: virtual tourism

Gosh, two posts in two days after a two week gap! It’s not because I’d forgotten about you all, my darling readers, it’s because nothing of any interest whatsoever happened.

I’ve written before about online cultural events, and I’m still “attending” plenty of them. Last night I attended a new one, an online lecture on the history of menswear. I intend to also do his one on Scandalous Mayfair next week.

Sun 14 Jun 2020: Devil’s Dyke

As I don’t have any regularly scheduled work or other appointments my sleep schedule has been all over the place. Some days I’ll stay up until the wee small hours and then sleep til noon, others I’ll go to bed early and be up with the lark. Today was a Lark Day, and as it looked, unlike the last few days of rain and thunder, bright and sunny I decided to go for a walk in the country. So at five o’clock I left home, there was no traffic and by half past six I was parked at Devil’s Dyke just outside Brighton.

I had my little walk, and then just sat on the grass watching the birds and getting crawled over by insects, finally leaving when all the morning joggers turned up.

Back home now at 10:30 for a healthy breakfast of coffee and jaffa cakes.