Wed 8 Jul 2020: return to pub!

I’ve been getting takeaway beer and cider from the Crown & Anchor for a few weeks now, and they re-opened at the weekend for on-sales. I didn’t go, because they weren’t going to take table bookings and it’s a long way to go only to be told “nah mate, yer can’t come in”. So my first pub trip for lo these many moons was yesterday evening at Craft Beer Brixton. Just being in a pub for a few hours talking bollocks and playing Go was wonderful! As much as online video chats and virtual pubs have been keeping the nation going, getting the pubs open will have made a lot of people very happy. Not just all those who can now work again (vitally important, employment is the best vaccine against poverty, which is a huge killer) but also people like me who have desperately missed having a real face-to-face social life.

When getting takeaways from the pub in recent times I’ve driven there myself, but yesterday I was obviously going to get into a state where I couldn’t drive, so I had to use public transport. There’s supposed to be regulations about wearing face masks on buses, and indeed there are plenty of vinyl decals both inside and out telling people this. I estimate that only half of passengers were using them. Bus drivers weren’t doing anything about it.