Thu 16 Jul 2020: drugs and sport

I’ve been volunteering at the local food bank for lo these many months now, but this week I’m doing some different work for them. We have one volunteer who normally handles all the pickups and deliveries from local pharmacies, but he’s done himself a mischief so I’m taking that duty over for the next week or two. There’s a lot of faffing about and filling in forms, and I’m sure I’m going to end up On A List (well, On Another List) as just today alone I signed for a whole bunch of controlled substances. Also got plenty of exercise going up to the sixth floor of a block of flats when I couldn’t find the lift.

And my cricket season starts on Sunday! At my local club there were some intra-mural matches last weekend to select teams. I wasn’t available all day so didn’t umpire, I just spectated for an hour or so. They’ve got friendlies this Saturday, when again I’m unavailable for umpiring, but I’ve got a friendly down in Sussex to umpire on Sunday, and then a mid-week T20. That should get my eye in ready for the shortened league season starting on the 25th.

Update: The T20 tomorrow has also been cancelled. Bother!