Wed 22 Jul 2020: live professional sport

There is a tentative plan to open up professional sporting events to live audiences starting at the beginning of October, if things go well at a few “test events”. One of those tests is to be a friendly two day cricket match between Surrey and Middlesex, on Sunday the 26th and Monday the 27th of this month. And I’ve got a ticket for the Monday!

The match is only open to Surrey members. Normally there would only be a few hundred people at one of these matches anyway, as Proper Cricket doesn’t attract the crowds that the short attention span version of the game does, and many people are only members so that they are guaranteed tickets for internationals. But in this case, after so long without any live sport, I’m sure that just about all 13,500 members will want be there.

I understand that they’re using the OCS Stand (at the Vauxhall end of the ground) for the test. That has a capacity of 13,850, but I expect that they’ll only open every second row of seats, and only every second or third seat in the rows that are open, reducing capacity to no more than a quarter of that. That makes it a good test, but unfortunately it also means that I could only get a ticket for one of the two days. Ho hum. I’ll try phoning again tomorrow, see if there are any tickets left for the Sunday.

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