Wed 7 Oct 2020: crazy mountain man


It seems like such a small insignificant thing, but I’d not had a beard trim since January. It’s something I normally get done three or four times a year, as without it I start to look like the sort of crazy mountain man who wears animal skins, lives in a cave, and shouts incomprehensibly at visitors. For a good long while barbers were just not allowed to open, and then after they reopened they were only allowed to do hair cuts. Having gone nine months without a trim it was long, and scraggly, and turning into a bit of a pain in the arse. It caught the wind, it made wearing a mask even more awkward than a beard normally does, and worst of all as the cold season sets in, it was impossible to have soup without making a terrible mess.


So today I had a good four inches off and feel much better for my beauty treatment.