Wed 17 Mar 2021: Anniversary

I’ve not written anything here for a while, because not much has been happening. We’re still stuck in exactly the same dreary limbo as we have been for ages, and the anniversary of what everyone thought would be a brief bout of weirdness came and went without me noticing. It was the first week of March last year when everyone at work was told that we should prepare for a brief period of working at home; it was Thursday the 12th when we were told to not come back into the office until further notice. I spent most of the 13th out buying office equipment (if you did the same don’t forget to claim it on your taxes!) and was back to work – at home – by Monday the 16th.

There was some minor excitement a few weeks ago when I got a text message saying that they’d finished vaccinating all the old codgers and so it was now my turn. The link in the message looking terribly spammy so I was deeply suspicious, but there was enough personal information on the site that it was probably legit, and it didn’t suspiciously ask for any more PI. My phone received the message at about noon, I noticed it an hour later, booked my appointment for another 1h50 later, and was in and out within five minutes. Pretty damned efficient! I didn’t get any side-effects except some slight bruising on my arm. Whether that means that I have an awesome, strong, manly immune system that fights off alien invaders without breaking a sweat, or it means that I have a weak pathetic immune system that didn’t even notice the vaccine and so I am doomed – I have no idea. Ho hum. Part two in another coupla months time.

The government did lay out an “irreversible” “one way road” to normality, but I find it hard to believe them. I don’t believe that things will be back to normal in June as they claim, nor do I believe that things are irreversible. Frankly they have a track record of paying too much attention to medical opinions (and desires) for it to be irreversible, and “irreversible” goes against their latest soundbite of being driven by “data, not dates”. So far the only change has been that people can now meet one other person in places like public parks. That’s not a significant enough change to have any effect on me, especially considering that it’s still chilly out. The important one is that – unless things change – beer gardens re-open in three and a bit weeks. I’ve got a Thing on my phone with the all-important countdown!