Fri 30 Apr 2021: The Dave in its Natural Environment

I went to the pub yesterday! Nature is healing!

It was rather chilly, and we’re still only allowed to sit outside, but even so the place was busy. Busier than you would expect on a normal Thursday night. After over a year of house arrest people are taking every opportunity they can to socialise, and pubs’ beer gardens are generally booked out a week in advance still. Public transport is quieter than normal, but not by much, but unlike a few months ago practically everyone is wearing a mask on the bus. In the pub, obviously, there are no masks, and very little effort to do any more than the absolute minimum legal requirement of physical distancing.

Theatre box offices are re-opening and I’ve booked for a show at the White Bear pub-theatre, one of my favourite venues, in May. Cinemas will be re-opening at about the same time, and indoor pubbing, so then things really will be almost back to normal.

There’s good news from the food bank that I’ve been volunteering for over the last year – the number of people needing our services has been falling steadily and is now at the point where as of next week we’ll be back to opening just one day a week, like in the Before Times, with most clients coming to pick up their own supplies instead of volunteers doing deliveries. This is almost entirely down to people going back to work. Data from my employer (I work in the recruitment industry) shows that more jobs are being advertised now in most industry sectors, and most importantly that the number of applicants per job is falling, showing that far fewer people are looking for work.

Finally, I’m now fully vaccinated. I had my second dose several weeks earlier than expected so that seems to be going very well.