Mon 2 Aug 2021: I’m not pregnant!

Good news all round! Except that I’m still working at home full time (and I expect that to be the New Normal, for ever, with perhaps one day a week in the office) life is largely back to normal. The only significant difference from the Before Times as far as I’m concerned is the ongoing restrictions on international travel. Not something that I ever did a lot of, just one or two trips a year. And even that is flickering back to life, at least for those of us who are fully vaccinated.

I got an SMS notification a few days ago that “You recently visited a venue where you may have been exposed to others who had COVID-19”, and which went on to advise me to take a plague test. Unhelpfully it didn’t tell me when the exposure was, or where. It would have been one of two places. It could have been at my GP, two days before I got the notification. Fair enough, two days is probably not enough time for me to have turned into an infectious MASS MURDERER. The only other possibility was a theatre trip nine days before the notification. If that’s the case then that’s a very poor show indeed. In those nine days I:

I’m not pregnant!
  • visited a pharmacy;
  • delivered prescriptions to a vulnerable person who is isolating;
  • visited my GP (after assuring them that I was plague-free);
  • went shopping (twice);
  • used public transport;
  • went to the pub and spent several hours getting pissed

So I ordered a testing kit, which arrived less than 24 hours later. It’s quite impressive. There are materials for seven tests included, so I can re-test in a few days. It’s fairly simple to use, with very clear instructions. And the good news is that I’m clear. My only real gripe is that the QR code printed on it was unreadable on my phone, as it was very small and not very high contrast, so I had to enter the serial number into the tracking web site by hand like a savage.

And there’s also good news from the food bank I’ve been volunteering for. A few months back I wrote about how they were cutting the service back to one day a week due to lack of demand. Well, now it’s been cut back to Before Times levels. Nigh-on all the clients that we were delivering to feel safe enough leaving their isolation bunkers and so we’ve stopped doing deliveries. The only difference from the Before Times now is that volunteers pack peoples’ food parcels for them, limiting the number of people in the building, instead of it being a free-for-all.