About me

As the pandemic that goes by many different names – COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, Coronavirus, and my favourite OMG TEH DETHLURGI – hit in early 2020 I decided to write a journal of my experiences, mostly for my own benefit, but if you want to read it too you’re welcome. I’m a single man in my mid 40s, living in Thornton Heath in south London. I’m lucky as I have secure employment and an office job (I am a well-paid and experienced IT professional for a company that provides services to recruitment agencies and HR departments) which lets me work at home so, so at least at the start of the pandemic I’m relatively secure, both health-wise and financially.

In normal times I often visit the theatre, pubs, and cinema. As a fan of both codes of rugby I regularly go to London Broncos and Harlequins matches. I’m a cricket fan and also an umpire. All of that is currently on hold.