This is a collection of links that people might find useful while hunkered down in their Plague Bunkers. If there’s anything that you think I should add, let me know. I will not link generic news or government advice sites. Those are trivial for anyone to find.

  • Culture: arts institutions are rarely very well funded in the best of times, and loss of ticket revenue is a huge problem for them. Some of these are content you’ll have to pay for, others are free but they’re begging alongside them. If you can afford to donate please do. After all, you would be paying for tickets if shows were still going ahead, wouldn’t you. While this list is currently mostly “high culture” I don’t have any problem with linking to other artists as well, they just haven’t come to my attention yet.
  • Exercise: I’m getting mine by going for a brisk few miles walk most days, but there are some online exercise classes:
  • Food:
    • Borough Market has some notes for customers. Note in particular parking arrangements (Jubilee Place is off Winchester Walk), opening hours, and the limited number of stalls
  • Charity and community: